Beechcraft Baron 58 aircraft for sale

The Beechcraft Baron 58 is developed by the Beech Aircraft Corporation and currently manufactured by the Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. It is a light, twin-engined piston aircraft, introduced in 1970 with space for 4 to 6 passengers. It is more powerful than the Baron 55, fitted with Continental IO-520 engines. It can cruise at 200 knots.

Furthermore, the Baron 58 is equipped with club seating and double aft doors.
Beechcraft 58P Baron Pressurized
Beechcraft 58P Baron PressurizedAUD 191,266
Year: 1977; TTAF: 3455h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Italy, Ravanna; Reg. No.: 9H-MAW  US$ 150,000

Beechcraft 58P Baron
Beechcraft 58P BaronAUD 223,144
Year: 1980; TTAF: 3610h; Type: Multiprop; Location: United States; Serial No.: TJ-270; Reg. No.: N38NT  US$ 175,000

Beechcraft 58P
Beechcraft 58PAUD 209,916
Year: 1977; TTAF: 3300h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Italy, Ravenna, LIDR; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared, Damage history; Reg. No.: 9HMAW; Last annual: 3/2017  € 140,000
EU tax paid
Beechcraft BARON 58
Beechcraft BARON 58AUD 164,934
Year: 1979; TTAF: 4130h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Congo, Pointe-Noire, FCPP; IFR equipped, Always hangared; Serial No.: TH-989; Reg. No.: TN AEY; Last annual: 6/2016  € 110,000

Beechcraft Baron 58P
Beechcraft Baron 58PAUD 382,347
Year: 1981; TTAF: 4161h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Poland; IFR certified, IFR equipped; Reg. No.: SP-KBL  € 255,000

Beechcraft Baron G58
Beechcraft Baron G58AUD 963,264
Year: 2006; TTAF: 1140h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Brazil  BRL 2,400,000

Beechcraft 58P Baron Pressurized
Beechcraft 58P Baron PressurizedAUD 446,288
Year: 1978; TTAF: 2110h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Italy, Rome Ciampino; Reg. No.: I-GIPA  US$ 350,000

Beechcraft G58 Baron
Beechcraft G58 BaronAUD 1,651,265
Year: 2016; TTAF: 100h; Type: Multiprop; Location: United States; IFR certified; Serial No.: TH-2459; Reg. No.: N584RM  US$ 1,295,000

Beechcraft Baron 58P
Beechcraft Baron 58Pon request
Year: 1980; TTAF: 2350h; Type: Multiprop; Location: Germany; Serial No.: TJ-312; Reg. No.: D-IOTA